Friday, December 21, 2012

Solstice 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am wintering at Frances Lake and, after two mild, rainy seasons in Vancouver, I am getting acquainted with the Yukon winter again :  bright snow, strong cold, long night, deep silence.

I am snug in the new little house, which looks quite grand next to our old cabins.  The new satellite internet connection makes for some strange contrasts, like fetching water from the creek in buckets and then looking at the latest from the New York Times.

My companion here is a long-haired 17 year old girl -- our ancient dog Lucy -- and our only visitors so far are the vagabond jaybirds who come for raisins.  Now the sun is coming up late, way down the lake as far South as it can get, so as the season turns I wish us all peace and joy in the brightening days ahead.