Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice 2013

It's a bright, clear day here at Frances Lake with the temperature hovering just a fraction away from 40 below.  I will only get a brief wink from the sun today, way off to the South, but I am trusting in
longer glances to come.  The snow is piling up and the lake, frozen for a month now, is covered with miles of low dunes.

As usual for this time of year I am spending lots of time out on the trail on snowshoes.  My days at home are filled with chores like splitting wood, carrying water up from the creek and baking bread, as well as music, reading and keeping an eye on the world with the computer.

 When it is this cold wildlife is scarce but my faithful jaybirds still visit nearly every day, even when it's cold enough to frost their  eyebrows, and this week I watched a wolf curled up asleep in the sun
out on the lake.  I am enjoying the winter quiet -- often my own heartbeat is the loudest sound.

I am attaching some pictures and a little song I recorded here recently -- my version of the jazz standard "Peace".  Though not a holiday carol it holds good wishes for you all in the new year to