Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter 2016

Once again we have made it through the longest night and, officially,winter begins today.  But even in a mild year this does not match up with the weather in the Yukon, where it has already been cold and snowy for a long time.
Winter 2016

Because the change from water to ice is so dramatic I think of winter as beginning at freeze up, usually around the beginning of December.  For weeks before that the lake is shrouded in mist as the cooling water meets the much colder air, and the sun rarely breaks through.  Then, sometimes all in one night, sometimes in stages over a few days, the restless waters are stilled and all the activity of an event-filled year seems to come to a halt as the dawn reveals the lake silent and flat as far as the eye can see.
Winter Sunrise

Wishing you all a moment of quiet and peace as we begin the new season.